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In order to better serve you and accomplish your goals, we have come up with various questions that, we would like to work with you to answer, at different stages of your web development and web design project. These questionnaires would give us an insight to your requirements, restrictions, competition, and deadlines.

  • Stage 1 �?Pre Analysis
    1. What is your website name, if you have one?
    2. Reason(s) for wanting a web design / web development?
    3. Number of employees in your company?
    4. Tell us about your targeted customers / donors / contributors / students / members, etc.
    5. List a few of your competitors.
    6. How is your company / organization different from your competitors? For example, is it Quality, Services, Pricing, Membership Fee, etc.
    7. Give us a few sites that you like, and explain what you like about them.
    8. Give us a few sites that you do not like, and explain what you dislike about them.
    9. Target date to launch the new website?
    10. Please list any additional information you would like to share with us.
  • Stage 2 �?Design and Development
    1. Current Site and Historical Data
    2. Marketing Strategy
    3. Demographics of your web traffic
  • Stage 3 �?Performance Analysis
  • Stage 4 �?Enhancements
  • Stage 5 �?Maintenance
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