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We offer a wide range of high quality cost effective array of data management services. Explore our data management skills for end-to-end solutions including payment services, finance and accounting services, data entry, data processing, data conversion, data cleansing and various other database related work.

Among the various advantages you gain by outsourcing data processing services are: cost advantage, highly skilled professionals, economy of scale and business risk mitigation. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business owner, you cannot lose with outsourcing data processing services.

Data Entry

The data entry process basically consists of six unique steps right from understanding your requirements to final transfer of your data.

  1. The job is divided into batches, and each batch of document will have a covering “Keying Specification Instruction Sheet”.
  2. Two data entry operators enter the data in different files to generate the output, namely A & B.
  3. These two files are electronically compared through software. When it shows any mismatch between the two files, the data entry operators duly correct the mistakes. This type of comparison is done by two data entry operators to generate the output files, namely, C & D.
  4. The two files (C & D) are again electronically compared to generate the file, namely, E.
  5. The file (E) is audited to ensure whether the required accuracy level of 99.995% is achieved.
  6. The data file generated is then dispatched through the client’s opted output format.

We employ a cream of highly skilled data entry operators to meet this target. Their efforts are made easier as well as fruitful by leveraging the advantages of advanced technologies such as best OCR and ICR engines, high-speed scanners, and data processors.

Data Processing

Data is of no use if it is not properly processed and arranged in a database. We convert your data into a usable format using our methodical data processing system. We streamline the data, convert unstructured data in structured format, and ensure that there is consistency in the data. We follow a methodical approach in data processing. Data can be numeric, digital, handwritten, scanned. We have a high tech infrastructure and expertise in capturing data, converting it to other forms and processing it in order to make it useful for gaining a competitive edge.

Data Conversion

Data is one of the most important parts of any business in today's world. Accurate and reliable data ensures any business to function effectively, and save a considerable amount of time and money. We make use of the latest technologies like high-speed scanners and data processors and highly skilled manpower to convert any unstructured data into a variety of useful formats. Besides converting your data; we also meet your exact formatting needs through the multi level processes.

Data Cleansing

Good quality data is structured, free from errors and has consistency. Besides all this, we maintain reliability and validity of the data. This is the first requirement before you make use of your data for further use.

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